Business Intelligence (BI) is all the rage today in the world of information technology (IT). Much of the BI space is populated by vendors using traditional technology for the most part built around transaction processing and open-source code to try to produce workplace query-intensive applications and efficient solutions. This development generally is evolutionary in concept.

Some twenty years ago, HOPS (Heuristic Optimized Processing System) began building its own system to handle "big" and fast-growing data from the ground up, so to speak, with a technology that challenged then-fundamental IT concepts. In contrast to traditionally-based systems, HOPS was, and is, a revolutionary architecture, not built around transaction processing at the expense of optimal query performance.

Fifteen years ago, we were competing against giants in the field such as Teradata running our system on a Mac! Today, young companies through “shared nothing” architecture or database “appliances” and the like purport to challenge the big guys, like Teradata, on the basis of flexibility, performance, and cost. HOPS is second to none in all three of these areas.

Many of you likely have never heard of HOPS. That understandable unfamiliarity results from our history of building out our platform and applications, virtually to “perfection,” for a limited customer base. The purpose of this website is to introduce the reader/viewer to our amazing technology, our business, and our vision for the future. The world of BI and its beneficiaries will soon understand the awesome performance and full potential of HOPS.
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